“Who am I?”, “Why have I started this?” and answers to other questions that nobody asked

Hello and thank you for visiting.

Here I am at the beginning of 2019, still struggling along, still trying to figure out what I want to do or be when I grow up.

I turn 50 this year. Apparently I’m about to find it harder to find a job, borrow money and stop my middle from spreading.

My name is Michael and I’ve struggled my whole life. Not your average struggle though because I belong to the privileged “White Male” class of society. Apparently there is no glass ceiling to keep me down, I’m entitled, connected and the world is my oyster (yuck!).

But I don’t fit in and never have.

Over 4 years ago I was diagnosed with major depression, followed by sleep apnoea, ADHD, OCD and probably ODD. It’s also highly likely I’m on the high functioning side of the Autism Spectrum.

I don’t believe in “being” a diagnosis. Those labels do describe certain characteristics that makes it easier for professionals to interact with me. They also make it easier for me to understand why I think the way I do.

What I really am is a highly creative, imaginative absorber of knowledge with all sorts of (great?) ideas who has always struggled with the social aspect of life.

This blog is my way of “putting myself out there”. I figure it’s not up to me to decide if my thoughts and ideas are worthwhile.

That is up to you, Dear Reader.

P.S. I lied. I’ve known for 20 years what I want to do when I grow up, but have never been able to figure out how to attract the money or the right group of people to do it.

P.P.S. In my own mind, I am a multipotentialite futurist with a focus on sustainable technology and improving the world.

P.P.P.S. Why Mikileaks? This stuff has been leaking from my brain for years. I’m known as Mike to some. Funny? Perhaps. Perhaps not.

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