Sustainable Energy Parks (Australia)

One Page Business Plan

Vision To build a series of sustainable energy parks around Australia to produce abundant electrical power, replacing coal fired power stations and avoiding the need for nuclear power plants.

Each park to primarily be a power generation facility using wind, solar, geothermal and other sustainable generation processes. Sustainable energy to be used onsite to support sustainable technology manufacturing facilities and excess power to be sold to the power grid for consumer use.

The energy park will also contain manufacturing and/or distribution facilities for:

• alternative fuels (bio-diesel, ethanol, hydrogen, electric car recharging)
• electric powered vehicles
• photovoltaic arrays
• rechargeable batteries
• wind turbines
• thermal solar power generation facilities
• sustainable building materials
• other sustainable business as appropriate

Mission To develop a “Best of Breed” infrastructure model that provides power and sustainable product manufacturing facilities that can be replicated around the world.

(old – To reduce world greenhouse gas emissions and reduce atmospheric Carbon Dioxide levels to pre 1950 levels – not suitable for this business – more suited to our R&D and marketing arms.)

• Have first park producing grid fed power by 30 June 2007
• First park to have alternative fuels refuelling station operational by 30 September 2007
• Wind Turbine and Thermal Solar production facilities to be operational by 30 June 2008
• Develop park operation models for duplicating elsewhere by 30 December 2007

• Utilise existing business network to locate resources (financial, intellectual, time, office support, etc)
• Utilise existing governmental contacts (Richard Dennis – Greens & Democrats, Kate Lundy, Katy Gallagher, Clive Hamilton – ???)
• Utilise a business structure that allows our clients to own a share in the growth of the business – e.g. purchase of $1 worth of products gives them 1 unit in the SEP Distribution Trust, which receives 20% of company profits (probably make it graduated – the first $10 million receives 50 million units, the second $10 million receives 20 million units, etc)
• Park operations to be as environmentally sustainable as we can imagine (to the point that we may need our own transport group using green fuels, our own quarries operating with green power)
• Proper lifecycle planning of all products, including decommissioning and recycling

• By 30 March 2007, locate a suitable site for pilot park
• By 15 December 2006, make initial contact via letter with our existing client base, our industry and government contacts requesting resources and assistance
• Obtain venture capital to pay $250,000 a year for staff salaries and business operations (i.e. $250k a year in grants, $5million in capital to earn 5% pa in the bank)
• By 30 March 2007, locate architecture firm to develop site plans
• By 31 January 2007, make contact with sustainable energy manufacturers and other potential tenants and suppliers