Quick Plan for Sustainability

Hi All,

Perhaps I’ve had too much sun (I’m in the Whitsundays at the moment observing how badly the infrastructure and reefs were damaged by Cyclone Debbie 18 months ago), but I think it is time to ease off on wasting time trying to convince the Climate Change Deniers on Twitter and just implement a plan.

Here’s my quick one:

  1. Pick a Name – FairDinkum Power
  2. Put together a Management advisory team (primary requirement is that they are future looking, responsible and not beholden to any industry/lobby group. Probably require some more scientist and first peoples representatives)
  3. Create a documentary team to document and promote the project
  4. Create a structure – Probably a discretionary trust (with all Australian citizens and residents as beneficiaries) side by side with a superannuation fund (to give those Australians that care an opportunity to move some of their superannuation into an investment that has the goal of providing financially for their future through sustainable business opportunities) and a unit trust to allow investors with funds outside of super to invest
  5. Pick our initial core projects – massive renewable energy production (200%-1000% of Australia’s energy requirements – thermal solar, photo-voltaics and wind) with associated storage (battery, molten salt, maybe pumped hydro)
  6. Acquire a shit-tonne of land – it’s estimated that about 500,000 square km are required to power the entire earth, so lets start with 50,000 square km (1000km x 50km), ideally spread over a number of districts, specifically some in the east, some in the center and some in the west to get the maximum benefit of our time zone differences. It seems that the Nullabor plain, along the route of the existing road/train line would be most obvious, but that would be up to more qualified people than I to investigate and advise upon
  7. Develop on site manufacturing processes to build the equipment required and deploy it
  8. Build East-West power grid interconnectors
  9. Develop sustainable cities and future hubs along the route with an emphasis on sustainable living, separating the need to spend money on living accomodations (to allow and encourage people to move OUT of Sydney and Melbourne) from the necessity to exploit someone to try to get ahead and be able to buy a property
  10. Build reprocessing plants to convert plastics and other waste products into usable materialsĀ 
  11. Build technological food production processes (e.g. Sundrop farms) that use the excess heat and/or power from the power plants to produce foods
  12. Use excess power to run desalination plants to produce Hydrogen, Oxygen and fresh water for use in the sustainable citiesĀ 
  13. Develop plants to extract the Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere and ocean and use the excess energy to convert the Carbon Dioxide, Hydrogen, Oxygen and water into Methane, Amonia or raw Hydrogen to export as fuels
  14. If we get really clever, how about using the Carbon Dioxide, Hydrogen and Oxygen to create 3D printer feedstocks for use as building materials?

I’ve been trying to build up to this for the last 15 years, but I’m so tired of waiting for our politicians to lead that I feel I have no option but to put my hand up. Care to join me?