Mr. Morrison,

Sometimes (OK, maybe most of the time) in life we “have a go, to get a go”, we “say yes to the universe”, we “act with confidence to develop confidence” or we “fake it till we make it”.

Ultimately, these are all strategies for developing new skills, confidence and striving for better things.

Schools these days are all about it being OK to make mistakes.  They’re not wrong, but it’s also not the whole story.  We also need to learn from those mistakes.

Sometimes, as hard as it is, we need to acknowledge that we are out of our depth.

For the first 12 years after I left school I worked in the public service.  I was recognised as intelligent, I had ideas that were implemented and that I still see in the community, but nobody but my family knows I was responsible for.  I learnt skills, helped others and was somewhat content.  But ultimately, I couldn’t deal with the internal politics, the wastage, the unfairness and the process of getting promoted.  Eventually, I quit after experiencing what these days would be termed bullying from a manager many levels above me in the organisation structure.  Funnily enough, he didn’t really bully me, he bullied others and I tried to stand up to him without having any of the skills necessary to do so.

I’ve spent the last 20 years trying to build a business.  I have done so with a certain level of success, but at a significant cost to my own sense of mind.  Frankly, I knew for a couple of years before doing so that I was ill suited to sales and staff management. 

I struggled to develop a system or routine and follow it.  I can’t discipline or demand outcomes from staff.  I can’t sell a product or service that isn’t 100% right for the customer.

I can spend spend many days, weeks, months or even years developing a system, incorporating new information and technology and, once I am sure it is up to my high standards, I ignore it and do something else.

Over 20 years ago I wasn’t sure why, but I just knew I wasn’t suited to running a business.  But I tried anyway.  And tried, and tried.  Because I couldn’t face applying for jobs or the idea of working for someone else.

But proper success has always eluded me.  I have never been able to take advantage of my staff or my clients.  I try to take responsibility and not apportion blame to others.  Ultimately, I take advantage of myself and my own good intentions.

3 years ago I received a diagnosis of ADHD and this year I’ve received a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Level 2.

So far, treatment hasn’t provided me with any significant improvements.

Perhaps though, I’m starting to realise maybe I don’t need to be so tough on myself.  Maybe it’s OK not to be a super high achiever.  It doesn’t help that my lifelong goals, ambitions and dreams have all been much larger than most people seem to have.

It might be OK, but at the same time, I can’t say I’m comfortable with the idea of downsizing and giving up on big ideas.

It’s a challenge.

Sometimes in life, we need to realise that we have not “succeeded” at the task at hand, but have “succeeded” at “faking it”.

I am sorry to say that I have been one of the Twitter brigade that have lowered themselves to screaming abuse at you.

I should have been better able to deal with my disappointment, disbelief and downright horror at the way you and your government are treating people and the environment.

My excuse is that I’m autistic.  But, it’s not really fair on you or your family.

For that, I’m sorry.

But, just because I couldn’t control myself properly, doesn’t mean I’m wrong.

Frankly, and I say this father to father, you’re out of your depth as Prime Minister.

It must have taken a great deal of courage and political manouvering to get to that position.  You’ve tried to lead, you’ve hired “empathy consultants” and you’ve made many speeches.  Time after time, they have fallen flat.

Yesterday, your forced attempt to shake hands, and then turning your back on a person that was asking for help was the icing on the cake.

Your mistakes are not about how you deal with specific issues.

Your mistake is that you are unsuited to the job. 

I don’t know you.  Based on what I’ve seen in the media, in your speeches, in the policies your government have released and in what look to be shady deals done by the members of your government, I think you’re a despicable human being.  Many of your actions seem to be directly in contravention of general Christian principles.

I want to say I’m probably wrong.  I don’t know you, I’ve never met you, none of the LNP government ministers I’ve emailed has ever responded to me, so all I’m going on is what I’ve seen in the media and on Twitter.  Managing staff based on hearsay from third party witnesses is a road to failure.

But that’s all I’m left with as you don’t engage on Social Media (releasing press statements and videos isn’t engaging – it’s lecturing), don’t listen to scientists and professionals and seem to think that you have been appointed by God to lead the country based on your own personal principles.

It’s time you learnt from your mistakes.

The country needs leadership.  The job of Prime Minister is not to know everything or do everything themselves. 

Nobody thinks you should have been on a fire hose.  But we do think you should have brought together experts to develop effective policies, then fund and implement those policies.  Regardless of whether it fits with the LNP narrative.

Our political system is broken.  Labor and the LNP are both beholden to companies, institutions and others.  You are not elected by those groups.  You are elected by individuals and you need to be governing for those individuals, not attempting to rule them.

You have proven time and time again that you can’t listen to us.  That your personal beliefs and connections are more important to your governance than representing the citizens of the country.  That your political nous, whilst obviously exceptional, doesn’t not make you qualified to lead.

This can’t be easy for you, but it is time for you to acknowledge that you have risen way above your skill level and to resign.

Please do it for yourself.

Please do it for your family.

Please do it for the country.

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